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The Top 10 delivery services for groceries for 2022

 Fresh food and other home supplies are delivered right to your door by these online delivery services for groceries.

Going to the grocery store may be difficult with the pressure of getting the children to school on time, leaving for work, and putting supper on the table.
Battling for parking and having to navigate busy aisles to locate everyone on your grocery list may also ruin the experience.
It's understandable why roughly 150 million consumers are looking for a solution in online delivery services for groceries.
 You may buy online using delivery services for groceries by creating a virtual shopping basket at a nearby supermarket or online specialized retailer.
If you need groceries immediately, several businesses provide same-day delivery options, while some let you purchase in advance and choose a pre-scheduled delivery date inside the upcoming week.
For both busy families and single people, the ease of not having to go to the shop or stand in line may be a game-changer.
The Good Housekeeping Institute's nutritionists and culinary experts assessed a range of services to identify the top delivery services for groceries to use in 2022. 

 10 Best Grocery Delivery Services

The information you need to choose the best service for you, as well as further information on how we rated delivery services for groceries, is provided at the conclusion of this guide. Check out our recommendations to the finest food delivery services for groceries if you want to increase convenience even further.

Walmart+ InHome

With the InHome delivery services for groceries, you may benefit from Walmart's consistently cheap rates if you live close to one of the more than 3,000 Walmart shops that participate in the program.
At affordable pricing, take advantage of anything from frozen and packed food to fresh fruit.
You may arrange for the delivery person to set the goods at your door, store them in your kitchen, or transport them into your garage.
Seven days a week, between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., deliveries are made by in-home delivery.
Our experts point out that store delivery is free and there are no additional order fees or tips (The delivery services for groceries workers are compensated with an hourly wage and do not accept gratuities). You'll need to pay for a subscription because the firm just combined Delivery to your home using the Walmart+ app, but you'll get a ton of benefits including free shipping on any Walmart products with no purchase minimum.


With Instacart, personal shoppers choose your groceries from the supermarket and bring them right to your house. You may be able to obtain same-day delivery services for groceries from a number of businesses in your region, including Costco, Aldi, Kroger, Safeway, and more, depending on where you are (Instacart works with over 40,000 locations, including small independent grocers to major corporations). Instacart has also worked with other non-grocery establishments, such as Sur La Table and neighborhood specialized shops like butchers and fishmongers.
Our experts enjoy that Instacart can deliver modest purchases for one or a few missed components that you need for tonight's supper because the order minimum is merely $10. If you prefer the larger screen of your computer, you may purchase directly from the app (accessible for iOS and Android). There is a $10 minimum purchase requirement, and all purchases over $35 are delivered free for Instacart+ members.


Shipt is a delivery services for groceries that you may use based on where you reside. It is accessible in over 5,000 locations and has a special collaboration with Target. Additionally, there are possibilities like Petco, Bed Bath & Beyond, Costco, and CVS. Families would particularly benefit from the service, according to our experts, because you can purchase food and other home things such diapers and cleaning supplies, and have them delivered as soon as an hour later.
Even if the store is open around the clock, you can place purchase anytime it is. 
Text messaging makes it simple to get in touch with your customer if something isn't accessible or if an order has to be changed. 

 Amazon Fresh

 You must already be an Amazon Prime subscriber in order to use Amazon Fresh. You may access a huge selection of packaged items, fresh vegetables, and more using the familiar and beloved Amazon digital interface. The Prime Amazon Rewards Visa Card Signature offers 5 percent cash back at Amazon Fresh to Prime members, which may be a significant benefit if you frequently purchase there.
Although many consumers utilize the service to purchase goods from Whole Foods, Fresh Amazon also provides a large selection of high-quality items at reasonable costs. By utilizing Just Walk Out and Dash Cart technologies, you may cut down on the amount of time you spend in the store if you decide to visit one of the Amazon Fresh stores in person.
With Dash Cart, you sign up for the cart that used a QR code, and once you're through shopping, you may leave the store via the Dash Cart Lane.
Just Walk Out makes it possible to avoid the checkout by instantly updating the goods in your virtual shopping basket. 


In addition to providing high-quality vegetable and meat options, this well-liked service also delivers goods to our Test Kitchen every week. Washington, D.C., New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Delaware are all served by the service.
Typically, orders must be placed a day in advance, and any modifications must be made prior to the cutoff time.
The company also provides a 100% Happiness Warranty, under which they'll give you a refund if you're unhappy with your purchase. 


Hungryroot, which offers plant-based and health-conscious options, is similar to a hybrid between a meal subscription service and a delivery services for groceries. After you answer a questionnaire about your food preferences, the service will generate a shopping list and recipes for you to add to your basket. By altering your delivery, you may also match and mix to receive just what you want that particular week.
According to our Registered Dietitian, Hungryroot stands out since all of its products are devoid of artificial sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup, partly hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, and chemical preservatives. Except for Alaska and Hawaii, all states provide delivery services.

 Thrive Market

Another healthy basics delivery service, Thrive Market is financed by membership fees and concentrates on offering high-quality foods and home goods at reasonable pricing. Diet-specific product searches are available, and the service's sample crafted grocery lists based on certain dietary preferences are well-liked by our experts.
Order fulfillment is available online or through the Thrive Market app. Even though you must pay a subscription fee, Thrive will credit your account for the difference at year's end if you don't save the comparable amount. Our certified dietitians were extremely pleased with the top-quality organic products that were offered at reasonable pricing.

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