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What is smiling depression?

 What is smiling depression? as this term is launched by many people for a type of depression that affects many people, and in the coming lines we will talk about the answer to this question through the website of the content. More information on this topic in detail.

What is smiling depression?

Smiling depression is a term that many people give to the depression that a particular person suffers from, but he does not show it to others, and he also tries to hide it through laughter, multiple social relationships and living a normal life so that many people do not feel that he He suffers from depression in the first place, as this term is not a medical term, but rather a term circulating among people, where depression is usually associated with sadness, crying, loss of hope and passion in life so that a person cannot get out of his bed, but in the smiling type the feeling of depression is Only internal so that people may see that this person lives a perfect life, and does not have any problems or stress.

What are the causes of smiling depression?

There are many important reasons that may play a role in a person suffering from this type of depression, and the most important of these reasons are as follows:

Going through a major problem in a person's life, such as having an accident, ending a relationship with a friend or life partner, losing a loved one, or experiencing a major financial loss.

having a serious illness; Which makes a person suffer from this type of depression, and one of the most important of these diseases is cancer or paralysis and other diseases that do not make the person able to lead a normal life.

Taking some types of medications have depression as a side effect, and the most important of these medications is the contraceptive pill.

Doing something wrong such as taking drugs or getting into an illicit relationship.

Who are the people most likely to suffer from smiling depression?

There are many people who are more likely to suffer from this type of depression, and these people include:

People with many changes in their lives: these people are among the most vulnerable to this type of depression; Where this person suffers from many changes in his life, such as the failure of relationships or the failure to maintain his place in a particular job; Which leads to him suffering from this type of depression.

Social media addicts: As social media, addiction may make a person more likely to suffer from this type of depression; As the person does not display his appearance when he is sad on these sites, but rather displays his pictures while he is happy and smiling, which makes him more likely to increase depression.

Always expect success: Depression often affects people who always expect success in a certain matter of their lives and do not reach it, which leads to them feeling depressed and frustrated and trying to appear better to not show symptoms of this depression.

Being betrayed: betrayal is one of the worst feelings that a person can experience, especially if it happens to the closest people to him. This often leads to depression, which a person may try to hide by building social relationships, laughter, and humor.

Being criticized:  If a person is criticized for his appearance, actions, or certain things about him, he feels sad; Which leads to depression that he tries to hide by laughing.

smiling depression symptoms

The most visible sign of a person suffering from this type of depression is that he laughs, goes about his daily life, and works to form social relationships in order to hide this depression, but the most important symptoms that appear on this person are also the following: 

Feeling of inner sadness and not being able to enjoy anything.

Loss of passion and the things he used to love to do.

A person feels despair as if he has not achieved anything in his life.

Constant fatigue and unwillingness to make an effort.

Feeling of low self-esteem.

Changes in appetite may increase or decrease a person's appetite.

Weight changes where a person may gain or lose weight.

suicidal thoughts

It is worth noting that the previous symptoms do not appear on a person except when he is alone, but when he is with other people he appears as an energetic, smiling, lively and energetic person, as some may think that this person has the ideal job, lives among a wonderful family and does not have any problems In life.

Smiling depression complications

In most cases, a person may be treated for this disease by simply following medical methods and taking antidepressant medications if necessary in order for the person to return to the nature that he was in before he contracted this disease. Still, in other cases, symptoms of this depression may develop if left untreated Many complications and serious problems as this disease may develop, and make a person tend to isolate in the end and fail in various social relationships. This depression may push a person to many bad actions such as drug addiction or accompanying bad friends. In the end the person may suffer From various suicidal thoughts, which may actually end with this person's suicide.

smiling depression diagnosis

Diagnosing smiling depression is one of the most difficult things, even diagnosing it is more difficult than diagnosing normal depression, because the patient in this type of depression does not show any kind of symptoms of depression, and the patient also tries to hide this depression by laughing, joking and going out. And multiple social relationships and a normal life so that many people do not feel that he suffers from depression in the first place, and according to the international health regulations, going to a psychiatrist is the only way through which this depression can be diagnosed where the doctor asks the person a set of questions about how he feels by him when he is alone; As well as about the changes that have occurred in his life in the recent period, and this individual is diagnosed with depression in the case of experiencing a bout of depression every day for two weeks. [1]

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smiling depression treatment

After a person is diagnosed with smiling depression, some steps must be taken through which he can return to his normal life and overcome this disease, and the most important ways in which this disease can be treated are as follows: [1] [2]

Take the antidepressant medications prescribed by the doctor, where the doctor determines the appropriate type and dose of these medications according to the case, and according to the severity of symptoms.

The use of sedative medications if the person is experiencing severe episodes of depression, and this should be done under the supervision of a doctor as well.

Go to the psychiatrist's sessions at the scheduled appointments and tell him/her of all developments that are taking place.

Psychological support through family and friends. These people must understand the situation and try to get the person out of the situation they are in.

Change your lifestyle, get away from routine, do your favorite activities, and don't be alone for long.

In conclusion, we have answered the question What is smiling depression?,  We have also learned about the most important information about this disease, the most important causes that lead to it and the symptoms it causes, as well as the complications of this disease, how it is diagnosed and treated, and many other information on this subject in detail.


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